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Your Memory Makes Up My Moment

Your Memory Makes Up My Moments

“Your eyes are so stunning.. they will pierce my heart.”
“With your killer attitude”
“ You make my heart laugh make it cry”
“They will pierce my heart one day”
“Your eyes..”
“Your eyes are so lethal.”
“You make my heart laugh make it weep.”
“ Your eyes misbehave.”

“ And make my heart crave”
“ Slowly this event move ahead.”
“ Your memory make up my moments.”
“I feel peace in your arms.”
“I feel peace”
Only for you!
“You had to come in my life”
“Why did you take so long?”
“I’ve lived only for you”
“ Whatever I do it’s only for you”
“Because you.”
“I’ll love you till the end.”
“ Each Dawn..start with you.”
“All day long I keep thinking about you.”
“I’ll forsake every happiness in this world.”
“ Only for you.”
“ Because I love you.”
“Mo matter what happens I’ll always love you.”
“ I am with you every step.”
“As long as I breathe, I want to live only for you.”
“Your face is studded with diamonds.”

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“Makes my heart sway.”
“Your tresses swing like your skirt.”
“Makes my heart sway.”
“If not you, your photo will do.”
“If not your photo, your photocopy will do.”
“Your gait’s explosive.”
“It makes my heart roar.”
“Don’t brag about yourself.”
“You are not as brave as you say.”
“Don’t ignore me”

“Don’t try to mess with me.”
“You cam even abuse with your lips.”
“ if you can’t abuse you can’t boss me around.”
“I’ll adorn the sun, lay out the moon at your feet.”
“The sun is boring the moon’s all alone.”
“Don’t bore me.”
“I’ll make you mine, dwell your image in my heart.”
“If not full, then half will do.”
“ I jus need..”
“A small place in your heart.”

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