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Your Love Completely Floored Me

Your Love Completely Floored Me

“Baby your Love’s completely floored me.”
“Don’t make me wait too long”
After locking my eyes with yours.”
“Have entered the game of love”
“He wants to say..that he loves you well.”
“Now you got to tell him something too.”
In every way, I just want to say.”
“ That you are the one baby I love you.”
“ Hearing you agree…’
“My heart goes..”
“My heart says..”

“You seem like an angel to me
“Your voice vast a spell on me.”
“ I just seen an angel baby whenever I look at you.”
“When I hear your magic,
It’s making me crazy too.”
I’m going to hold you tight in my arms.”
“Just keep staring at me with a smile.”
“After falling in love with you..”
“My heart goes..”
“Let it go..”

If I can touch you passionately

“Your intoxication..”
“Take it slow..”
My queen this is the grandeur of your king.”
“Only you look alongside this handsome guy..”
“I’m your king, and you are my queen..”
“And that’s the way it suppose to be.”
“Now you’re standing with your man”
“Because you look best when you are with me.”
“ With your beautiful face dwelling in my eyes.”
“I’ll drench you in color of my love.”
“Your intoxication gets me high..”
“My heart goes..”
“Away with you..”

“All I want is you baby so come and give me your love.”
“This moment feels alright.”
“Tonight is the night.”
“Come sweetheart and..”
“This moment feels alright.”
“Tonight is the night.”
“Come sweetheart and..
Let me you in my arms”
“You are my life,
You’re my destiny.”
“I am your Romeo and uou’re my Juliet.”
“How do I convey my love for you?”
“All I can say is I see God I’m you.”
“You’re are the bond that controls my soaring heart.”
“No one’s gonna love you as much as I do”
“You are more gorgeous than Juliet, more precious than diamonds.”
“Those crazy in love desire only you.”
“Come sweetheart and..”
“This moment feels alright.”

Let’s keep talking love, do remember to keep the fire of love burning.

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