The power of understanding in relationship

To have a long lasting relationship. It’s germane, to understand your partner in other to run a smooth, long lasting relationship. It’s crucial, and vital to know your partner. Many, relationship collapse, due to lack of understanding, take your time to study your partner, this is where the work lies, see your partner as human like you, who can gets you angry, provoke you and make you feel unease sometimes. Once you understand this, in him anytime such thing occur, admit he is not just just a lover, capable of bringing up different feelings and different emotion at times. It’s very vital to understand, your partner s attitude and understanding gets the job going, he might step on your nerve.

Points To Note If Truly You Are Understanding
Be aware of your feelings and motivation

This really makes your partner to understand, about your past to be aware of what makes you cry, especially, about your past and what makes you sad, what makes you happy.
Motivation: This is what every partner should try and understand firstly, what makes your partner sad, what makes her happy, what turn her on, all this is very important in relationship. You can inspire her, when she is with you, let her feels the different than when she is alone. Always motivates her positively. Let her always feels your absence. Help her makes decisions, that’s the beauty of you having a partner. Sometimes, there are some stuff she wouldn’t like to discuss with her family members, that she will East you to help her in making such decision.

Never impose your ideals on your partner

No matter how much you belief, how experience and expose you are, never impose your believes, on her she also has her rights. You are not the alpha and Omega of it all. Relationship is not all about you, you and you always be considerate, you also could be wrong don’t see yourself as Mr. know it all.

Allow your partner to enjoy life outside Relationship: Let your partners meet old time friends, allow her to be free, relationship is not a do or die affairs, so everyone has his life to exercise freedom. Let her socialize. Some people believes that once there partners attend party, it means they are now going our on a date with someone else, never have negative thought about your partner. This quickly jeopardize, relationship, having wrong notions about your partner.


Remember, we are different people, from different background, so, it means we can’t have same behaviour, so it’s best not to compromise, our understanding differs and the way we relate issues.
As it’s always said two boss can not run a company, so also, two drivers can’t be in a car in other to have smooth driving, what am trying to say here is that when your partner is wrong, you should try to listen to why he acted the way he act. You both can be viewing things in different ways, so don’t just conclude. Never be judgmental, and yet into conclusion, give room for doubts, so never run into conclusion.
Be kind to your partner instead of you getting angry unnecessarily: Even, where you need to get angry smile and let it go, try to be unpredictable, rather than be predictable.

Sometimes, we act base on our intentions, intentions might be right and what we are about doing might be wrong, which we might not know, this always occur in the aspect of surprising our partners, we might think we want to surprise which might lead to something else, so at this level, your partner will know the level of your maturity.
In relationship your partner might want to test how mature and how understanding you are in other to know how to deal with you, so never fall into trap.

This actually happen to a friend of mine, her girlfriend called him, hello! Where are you. Please go somewhere, where you gonna be alone if you are with someone, so the lady understand that he just finished his just through with his service year, he is trying to get himself, and the lady told her baby! Am pregnant, the guy never knew, this lady just wanna play prank on him. He immediately tell her baby you can’t let it stay, actually this guy love the lady am talking about, you know I just get through my service year, this can’t happen now we need to get rid. The girl hung up, she didn’t say anything,

The following day she called that she only want to test him and he failed, my friend apologized and she forgive. So, we need to take things easy and in other to enjoy our relationship.
Please let’s understand our partners, it’s paramount, let’s keep talking love, and keeps the fire of love burning.

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