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Stop Getting Embarrassed By Ladies !!!

Stop getting Embarrased by ladies

Why Do Guys Propose In Open Area And Get Embarrassed

Relationship is all about give and take is not a do or die affairs, going into relationship is good, there should be
Why do some guys proposed and get embarrassed in public.

It went viral about 2 weeks, whereby a guy tried to proposed to her girlfriend and his request was declined.
It’s getting out of hand in a situation whereby, guys will like to throw surprise, to our ladies instead of getting applaud for the surprise, the surprised, always leads to embarrassment surprised which is not supposed to be so.

What are the things you need to let your girlfriend understand before proposing.
I have question can we proposed to the girl we truly want to make the mother of our unborn kids”

True Love

She might loves you, does that means that she truly loves you to the extent that she will want you to be her hubby. Love is essential in every relationship, why it is necessary is to deal with each other with true loves, without true love, affection, feelings, strong communication, etc relationship might not lead to anywhere.

Always Make Her Happy

If truly you make her happy she will never deny you. Someone you never make happy, with that you are making her thinking if actually, you will make her happy if she finally move to your house.

Someone you never make happy because you want to propose to her you take her to eatery all in the name of proposal. When you make her happy always she will have the feelings that if this man finally take me home, there is probability that he will makes you happy.

Share your time

We all know the best thing all women want is time, you that hardly find time for her, how do you think is going to be? If you don’t create and find time for her.
Definitely when she moves to your house the time will not be there.

Always let her know you want to marry her
This is what you should let her know from day one, baby I don’t want to be with you for fun, I want to marry you, I want you to be the mother of my unborn child, both male and female, let this be constant, if not the day you make it clear to her, she will look you as unserious element.

If you don’t let her know this might be enjoying your company and perhaps, have plan with someone else. So with the constant talk I want to marry you, it won’t be as acting when you propose to her.

All this you have to put into consideration, before taking that foolish act of proposing in the public in other not to get surprise embarrassment.
Someone that doesn’t know your intentions, how do you want such person to believe you can marry her.
To the lovers out there let’s ponder on this before proposing to that girl of your dream and make your intentions clear to her.
Let keep the fire of love burning and let keep talking love.

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