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Simple Ways to save yourself from Rapist

Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual, penetration carried out against a person without prior consent of victim.

How to be safe from rapist

Rape is an assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual, penetration carried out against a person without prior consent of victim.

My question is how do you enjoy something you are forced one to do?
It’s obvious this days women are vulnerable to this illicit act “rape”.

What are the things that triggered men to sexually harrass opposite gender in the society?

There should be a way it should be control in the society, I wonder why someone will just wa been the most discussed issue on social media, this days.

The very best thing that could triggered a man into raping killer dressing by young ladies.

Possible Behavior that could leads to Rape


The way we dress is the way we are going to be address, charity they say begins at home.
The way our young ladies dress this days is one of the main reasons they end up being a victim.

Actually, have seen a situation whereby some ladies will dress at home when they get to school.
There mode of dressing change which is not suppose to be so. Well am not saying that should be the reason they ended being victim.

Let’s be cautious and mindful of how we dress in other not to end up being a victim of this illicit act.

Sex Chat

Social Media has it’s own pros and cons, when it comes to sexual activities.
There should be limit, to whatever we do on social media, Social Media is not a place to display your whatever thing that’s going on within us.

Sex Chat often occur between lovers and non lovers, in other to show display how good you are to the opposite gender.

Sex Chat is also one of the causes if this frivolous act, imagine, you have showed your ability to your online boyfriend.

When you have the opportunity of seeing or meeting him you are now changing story,
how on earth do you expect such person to spare you.
It can’t be possible not to have a taste or practice what both of you have discussed.

After you have deliberately, talked about how far you can sex.


Rape could occur as an act of vengeance, probably, the female counterpart perhaps might have been.
Some ladies are good at taking or collecting material things from someone they never plan to have anything with.

Many people this days, belief relationship is all about sex, that’s the crazy mentality the youth are carrying all about.

Well sex shouldn’t be the first in relationship, while relationship is not meant for immature boys and girls.
So, someone that you have been getting (gifts)things from will also want to get something in return.

Mentality of young guys this days, is life is all about give and take.

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In the process whereby you are now refusing to give out what you have all in the name of sex so rape arise.
Obviously, ladies only need to be careful of whom they reach out with, good people are not written on face vice versa.

Unnecessary Sexual Seduction

Example of this probably, you met her in a party you both have a nice time and you are expecting something after the whole show and she molest you.

So, in this type of situation it’s quite obvious, that he might have something bad in mind .

Rape is not something that one can just think of carrying out at a particular period.
The ladies should be mindful of taking gift from unknown faces.

Don’t walk alone

Many of those that have faced with this horrible situation, are those that have been walking through a particular place.
Always change direction when going out, probably you might change your route when going back home.

Possible ways of controlling Rape


More awareness need to be created, in other to let the society at large understand the adverse effect of rape.

Unpardonable Punishment

Any one caught, in this illicit act should be killed immediately, without any option of fine.
Self Control
Men should be sensitize on how to control there sexual urge.

Self Discipline

A responsible minded person can’t just wake up and think of raping opposite gender.

The action could only be triggered, and could be perform under the influence of alcohol and other hard substances.

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The challenges faced by victim

Being rape is a ugly scene that’s difficult to forget. Everyday one’s feel the pain, it’s worse experience in life.

Emotional trauma
Victim often feeled, traumatized, there way of life will look ugly, different because of the sad experience,

So, such person life will not be so meaningful, and often think of that particular day the ugly incidence occurred.

Possible ways to save yourself from Rapist

Don’t go hidden place alone.

Don’t put on seductive cloth in an open area.
Don’t visit male friend alone.
Never accept drinks, if you must open it yourself when visit male counterpart.

Possible Ways to protect yours

elf from being rape
In other to protect yourself in this ugly situation, actually, female is not as strong as male.
It’s sometimes difficult but you can still try it.

Bite If there is a chance for you to bite, you can simply do that.

Hit him with anything if possible, or try hold is scrotum.
Be suspicious of any illegal movement by people around you. Be more inquisitive about the environment you are.
Let’s say no to rape, it ruins life, it’s just 5 minute enjoyment, and I didn’t even see any enjoyment in nonsense.

To the victim it’s a life threat and underserved, moment of life.
Say no to rape as it ruin life.

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