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Reasons she always want to be with you

Beautiful signs (signals) she want you

Sometimes, we think of asking our best friend out, but we feel that it’s going to be the most and foolish way to go about.
Sometimes, ladies, could be funny and tried to play on one’s intelligence, in other to know who you really are.

So, it’s obvious, when a lady want you, she can come with different kind of act, offwhich you might not understand fully what point she is bringing out.
In a situation like this, try to watch her attitude towards you, sometimes you can fake some things to know what she really want.

Mind you, somehow it’s impossible she ask you out, some do that but most of the ladies have moved with will never, what they will show is sign once you missed it .
It’s game over, apparently, have seen a situation whereby a lady will ask a guy out, and she will only regret her action.

So that’s why some don’t really waste there precious time asking guys out.
We have the potentials to easily understand, when a lady is giving you green light.
The significance aspect of it is you only need to grab, opportunity. Opportunity only come but once, only if you are lucky you will have the second opportunity.

Likely signs a lady want you

she enjoys talking to you

she’s the first to crack a smile or laugh at what comes out of your mouth.

she’s shy of looking at you directly into your eyes

This girl makes a point of noticing you.
Licking her lips when talking to you.Your smile lights her up

she gets a little bit jealous when you talk to other girls instead of her.

she always waiting for your hugs.
she Loves the touchy Feely stuff.

She gets worried if she doesn’t see you.

Things to consider before marriage

You meet someone in the most random place. You exchange contacts and in a month’s time, you keep talking every day.
You go out on a series of dates and it is beginning to feel like you have finally found the one. Suddenly, everything takes a different direction and the man that once showered you with attention is now difficult to reachin

Now, many people fail to notice when the other party looses interest and they continue to push.
This results in the other person treating them in the worse manner possible and in the end, leaving them with a shattered heart.
Knowing these signs can help you know when it is time to move on and save yourself the stress.
It will also help ensure your self-respect remains unbroken.

That being said, I will be sharing some of the major signs that a person(Man or Woman) no longer has interest in you.

You Notice a Change in their Body Language
For example, When a man is into a woman, there are lots of signs.
Some are very obvious, others, not too obvious. One of the obvious signs to notice when a man likes a woman is his body language.

Such things as staring at a woman, leaning in during a conversation and being a little shifty due to nervousness are some of the body languages that a man might exhibit when he likes a woman.

If you notice a man used to exhibit these body languages around you but no longer does so, there is a probability that he is no longer into you.
You might notice he has stopped making eye contact with you, no longer stares at you, and tries to create as much space as possible between you. This applies in reverse too.

They spend less and less time with you.

This should be obvious right? Still, many people fail to get it. When someone is interested in you, they really never get tired of spending ample time with you.
This goes both ways too. For Men, even when he has a very busy schedule, he still tries to spend a lot of time with her. This might be amazing. It, however, begins to change gradually as a man begins to lose interest in a woman.

If you notice a man goes from spending ample time with you on a date to spending less and less time even though he still takes you out, he might be gradually losing interest in you.

Although a reduction in the time he spends with you is an indication of a reduced interest that is not always the case.
You need to consider other factors before coming to a conclusion.

They No Longer Puts in Effort

When it comes to dealing with women, men are naturally proactive. While there are exceptions to this, all things being equal, men initiate contacts, fix dates, and make the calls.
It is usually the woman’s place to receive calls and make herself available for an already fixed date.

Going by this, if your man goes from being the one to initiate contacts to always waiting for you to fix dates and make the calls and you feel like the relationship will be over the moment you stop reaching out to him, there just might be a shift in his interest.

You are No Longer a Priority

It is not out of place for a lady to feel like the most important thing in her man’s life even if she might not be the most important. Ladies always feel like they are important to their man if they are a priority to him.

If you notice your man’s priorities changing from you to other things such as his favorite sports, hanging out at the bar, or going to the gym, this shift in priorities is most likely because of a shift in interests.
It might also be a sign for you to move on with your life.

 Signs that make relationship stand out 

Trust comes first before love, trust your spouse believe in them and let them know you have .

This matters alot because without understanding nothing will work out in a relationship

Even the Holy Books Says: that God is love, love your spouse as you love yourself and see things work.

It also matters a lot, if you are a hot tempered person, it might be hard to work out your relationship.

Ladies, respect the man, obey him and listen to his decisions and also men, honor your wife, she has feelings just like you do, so when making decisions, consider her feelings.
All the above mentioned need to be looked in, but once it doesn’t appeal that is if he doesn’t trust you, tolerate you, love you respect you.
The best is find your level, because things has changed, probably he might have find someone that he think is better than you.
Above all there is need to waste much time, move on with your life.
Let’s keep talking love, do remember to Keep the fire of love burning.

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