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Reasons For Insecurity in Marriage

Relationship and Marriages Tips

A lot of things has really caused sets back and perilous in relationship which we think it’s normal or it’s how God want it, in which we caused it, sometimes we don’t need to blame anybody if relationship or marriage fails.

If after reading this and you found yourself in this type of situation it means you are feeling insecure in your relationship. Most of the things that causes breakup or that hinder marriages are caused lackadaisically. Which most of this things were caused by our action.

The major thing many people don’t take critical look at is insecurity once there is lack of insecurity in relationship and marriages there is tendency that such relationship will not last long due to insecurity.
What causes insecurity in marriages?


Jealousy causes a lot of damages in relationship and Marriage and this has hinder a lot of relationships and also causes a lot of damages to different homes offwhich It has hinder marriages from being productive.

When your partners keep asking you for reassurance like do u love me? Can u leave me?
Trouble of fully trusting ur partner When you place so much trust in your partner and you found out that things doesn’t seem to be the way you want it to be so its still part of insecurity in relationship am not saying that you shouldn’t trust your partner.

Always have it at the back of the mind that we are all human being. This is a sign your relationship is suffering it shows your relationship is insecure. Did you trust your husband way out. If he tells you he is going to a friend’s house hope you don’t doubt it and you start thinking if actually he didn’t go visit girl if he truly goes to his friends house as he as told you.

Wrong accusation

When this often occur in relationship it’s a sign that there is problem. Let’s take for instance if he is with her boss and you wrongly accuse her boss as sugar mummy or woman friend.

Signs You Are Dealing With Controlling Boyfriend

So before any accusation make your findings and be sure before taking actions.

Thinking negatively

Having negative thought is lack of insecurity in marriage or marriage cause you will never think positively of which negative thought ruin relationship.
This could cause emotional trauma and questions of this nature will be running through your mind
Is she at home the way she said? did she actually went to market?

Solution To Insecurity

Insecurity means not confident enough in yourself or your relationship with others how can we now conquer been insecure in relationship, I will mention few I will also like you guys to do more justice to this in the comments section.

Always think positively about your relationship when you think positively negative thought will not take control of your heart. And always be pleased with whatever your partner give to you.
Beware who you relate your relationship issues with Nobody is perfect, to get over this never ever talk Ill about your relationship to friends. Through that they get to know your weakness.

Have seen a situation whereby a woman expose her secrets to friends through that the friend snatched her husband.
So we should be mindful of how we treat our partners and becareful of how we act upon our thought. Keep talking, do remember to keep talking love.
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