3 Basic-Skills Needs for Healthy And Romantic Relationship

Needs for healthy and romantic relationship

Everyone knows what makes a healthy relationship, in the real sense, to get the best out of a relationship is to have a healthy relationship, young people nowadays needs to go for marital counselling before going deeply Into a relationship.

What makes a relationship unhealthy so much fight, unable to get supports from your partner while you are in need, violence, hostility,all this can cause significance unhappiness pains regrets. Aside from that it could also lead to cheating, cause what woman needs in every relationship is caring love trust happiness.

Above all, once happiness is lost there is a great danger in such relationship, which could lead to ending up being either a single father or single mother,.

Once this occur the child is at the receiving ends, because the care that he needs to get from father and the mother, the child will lack that which the child may end up being nuisance in the community, or society he or she belongs.

To get the best out of a relationship you must understand your partner, understanding speaks a lot about you understand your partner, even if anyone come to gossip or talk ill, about your partner your reactions will tells, but once you were told little thing about your partners and you never listen to or get fact from your partner before you take action.

One thing I learnt from a scholar he said never rush to report your partner to her parents. If there is any issue between you and your partner,it’s what you both can solve amicably, after that you guys can get to bed to settle the scores that’s the most beautiful way.

Aside from sex once your partner is angry and you know and want it to be settled go to the kitchen prepare his favorite food. Never frown your face make your self lively around wear a skimpy dress. Put on killer dress with that he will never resist you.

To have a healthy relationship beware of third party people, nowadays don’t like seeing couple’s living peacefully. What they really want is you having issue all the time you might be thinking they love you they don’t want you to enjoy relationship. I will highlights some tips on how to have a good and healthy relationship.

Dr Joanne a professor and a director in clinical training, in the the department of Stony Brook university highlighted three evidence based skills in developing a healthy relationship aside from the most, common one which are security, intimacy, respect, good communication.

The three basic skills is are generated from what we call romantic competency. Romantic competence is to understand fully who your partners is, and to adapt to all aspects of relationship, to figure out what you need, finding the right person, building a healthy relationship and getting out of unhealthy relationship.

Three based skills as highlighted by Prof. Joanne Davida are
Insights Insight is about awareness, understanding, learning and educating.
It’s all about having full understanding of who you are, what you need what you want and why you do what you do and the things you do.
Insights makes you to know when your partner needs, to relax when he’s been stressed up and you know when to send nasty text, rather make phone call.

With insights you understand your partner fully for example if he is use to get late getting to work and you trying to makes him understand it’s not a good thing. And in other words it allow you to know when to play with your partner and when to be serious.

Mutuality it makes you realized that both people have needs and that both certain needs matter, with mutuality you will be able to conveyed your own needs directly. For example, your partner don’t want you to get a particular job, due to one thing or the other you will have to approach him in a mutual way, there should be a mutual agreement that you promised your new job, won’t affect relationship.

Emotion regulation its all about you, being able to control situation of thing for example if there is a kind of misunderstanding between partners. You should be anxious to get call from him call or text from your partner. And by telling yourself you can handle this it’s not gonna be a big deal.its all about how you control your emot8i8 towards issues.
So with this three you should be able to learn how to handle a healthy relationship.

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