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Love Poem


My Heart Only Swells For You

“My heart swells only for you”
Many lover profess love behind closed doors..
But they always sneak away
Such men fill the belly
Not the heart.

13 Romantic Ways To Express Your Love

“A lover is one who fearlessly declares his love in front of the whole world”.
Some only hope I’m doing that but perhaps, they are unable to accomplish that.
We are ignorant fools, how can we take Love’s test?
To the best of my heart you sing a killer time.
You bowed as you enter my home.
You’ve seen the goddess
You want my blessing’s too?
Must I now bear your children, too?
Must I sacrifice my life for you?
“You’re more all equal in my eyes”
Every man here believe he’s my beloved.
The slightest glimpse of my smiles..
Makes them mistake it for you.
Aren’t you scared? You must face your Maker some day?
High time you mend your ways..
Stop right there, fear the Lord.
You with your heart stone.
All your admirers have handed over their wealth to you.

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