Message to the newly Married Couples (1)

In this post i will focus on Man (Husband), and in my subsequent post, I will discuss about the wife and both couple’s.
Often, I focus more about relationships, more than couple’s life, how to live couple’s life and how to deal with that beautiful wife of yours, and how to make that your handsome dude happy at all time, without, regretting he being more responsible.
The day, the society you belong sees you got married that’s when they regards, you as responsible and mature and serious being that’s the fact.
Now, that you have been given someone else daughter how will you treat her?
As the new head of the family never see yourself as authority, seeing oneself in the position of authority make one misbehave. Have you ever asked yourself why people do change?
When you have not tasted power it’s another compare to when you are in the position.
That’s the reason why some marriages don’t last long. Like I said earlier I will focus more on husband.
To be frank, some married with the urge that my mate or people will abuse me of being single and some due to mistake any how it is I believe after reading this you will treat your wife good.
As a good husband it’s germane, you never look for your partner mistakes, even if she is doing something you don’t like you call her to attention to correct her faults, if often you see mistakes in her that’s the beginning of home war, cause she will have that notion that whatever she does in your presence is bad, basically you are causing, and planting some bad feelings in her which perhaps, can leads emotional trauma.
Let her sees you as her companion, if you treat your wife good it’s possible her parents will always call you and pray for you, and she is ready to do anything for you to be more successful that’s the beauty of marrying a good woman from good home.
Honour and respect her during hardships and dry her tears. She will never have second thoughts in you. Even if anyone talks ill about you, she will only sees that person as irresponsible and irrelevant issues.
Everyday is not going to be a good day, when she is moody try to find out what the problem is, try to tell her sweet words make her happy draw her close to you always. Surprise her of her needs as we all know woman loves surprises. Tell her story, let her always have the feelings, of when you are around her from when you ain’t. with her, that will make her missed you a lot, she will always want you around.
A good husband take good care of his wife heart. When you never let her cry and feel bad, she will always pray for you, think about you. And never have negative thoughts about you.
Never let her have the feelings of living her parents, to spend her whole life with you. Dry her tears of pain and sorrow, make her smile always this brings joy to her life and to couples life.
Endeavor to take good care of your wife she is your life, she is your mother, your comapanior, your confidants, and your everything.
Let’s take our love serious once you missed that beautiful lady that always wants you around her to get someone like her will be difficult.
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