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Message To New Married Couples (Wife) II

Message to the newly married couple

In my last post, i laid emphasizes on man (husband) caused I focused it on how husband should treat his wife, this will focus on woman (wife), To the newly married bride, your hubby is your father, your mentor, model, confidant, companion, treat him like your baby, shower him with love, respect him, never for once treat him bad and make him regrets marrying you.

As a newly married wife you have a lot to do, remember this is husband house not your parents house anymore, remember you should learn to respect, your in-law. and every members of the families.
I will expatiate, on this cause, women (wives) of nowadays, don’t like seeing there mother in law the reason is best known to them.

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Respect your man : It’s now obligatory to you to respect your man, never let him lack, let there be difference from previous life and present.
Prepare his meal early truth be told men never toy with food, preparing his meal early, this is a secret men love two things when he eats as at when due and sexual satisfaction. When you fully satisfy him, he won’t cheat on you.

He will appreciate you more and proud of you in the presence of his friends.
Make him happy always, the fact is once you Start to make him sad you are definitely sending him out of home, that’s when he will see someone that knows how to cook and take care of a man.
Call him for advice.

He is in best position to advise you if you are to embark on anything, if it’s right he will tell you to go on.

If he ask you to keep off from it never do it behind him. That’s sign of respect telling him you want to involve in anything. Taking permission from before involving in anything is the best. Never take decision alone cause if it’s boomerang he will assist you.

Always pray for him, aside from mother’s prayer, the next prayer that’s work for man Is the one said by the wife. Satisfy him sexually: Never feel ashamed in his presence, drees to kill give him sex adequately. Try new style often, let him knows, that he owns you give him different style. Let’s keep the fire of love burning
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