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Love is More Of Affection Than Feelings

Love is more of affections than frelings

What are the unwanted plant in your relationship?

Effective communication

Effective communication is very essential and partners can’t be acting like robot or relationship will crash and end, relationship should be fun and lively.
Let’s be more lively in relationship it’s not war it should be something that partners should enjoy.

Lack of Respect

There is saying that “Respect is reciprocal” same also in a relationship. Both partners must respect each other, respect their opinions, don’t talk down on them, they are human like you.

Learn to appreciate them don’t embarrass your partner no matter how little it is.
Don’t embarrass your partner in public even when both of you are alone, don’t speak I’ll of your partner in front of your friends, it’s what you tell them that they believe.

See what people are reading Have you ever been betrayed

The way you treat your partner in front in public is the same way they will address them.
Avoid intruders in your relationship, they are unwanted, giving them opportunity to interfere into your relationship destroys, all that you have built so far.

It is also applicable to plant when you don’t weed away the unwanted plant it destroys all that you have labored for so far.

Your relationship has to be balanced acting like a parasite is one of the things you need to prune it’s an act of Selfishness, it’s an excess that has to be cut off.
You think about about yourself, find fault in everything they do not call you. Since they have been calling, did you reciprocate the same gesture?

You complain they don’t send you romantic messages, they don’t buy you gift. Have you done the same?
The burden of relationship shouldn’t be on a particular person, is there any law that says your partner should message first?( this for both gender).
Relationship is about sacrifice, no matter how busy you are, learn to create time for your partner out of the little time you have.
What is choking your relationship? What is not giving your relationship breathing space.


Sometimes, people do complain of not having enough time for there partner, perhaps time should be something that both partners should enjoy together.
Understanding should really matters a lot, your partner is a military personnel you ought to understand him, understand the nature of the job your partner is into. Let Keep talking love, do remember to keep the fire of love burning.

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