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Love Poem

Love Has No Language

Love Has No Language

“Love has no language”
“You jus feel it”
“I just need a girl to love.”
“Oh, you moon-faced girl, every time I see you”
“I fall in love with you like i saw you for the first time”
“I fall in love with you”
“ Like i saw you for the first time”
“Your entry was so stunning”
“You took the entire nation.”
“You made an impact in my heart”
“Since I locked eyes with you”
“You are very cute”

How To Identify If A Guy Is In Love With You

“You are the result of my good deeds “
“Is there a heaven and Earth”
“Where you fell from?”
People gossip about me everywhere “”You’re the only one unaware of it”
“I screamed but you never looked back”
“I dont care if you love me.”
“You know you don’t deserve me.”
“You do your thing, I’ll do my thing.”
“Because you are not coming with me “

“Enjoy your self and relax”
“You’re very cute.”
” I feel they are sexy”
” Everyone fall you”
“You look beautiful, Really!”
” I fell for you in one look.-What’s up!”
“How shall I explain where your dreams make me?”
“I have been eyeing you for so long!

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