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Love Poem

Love Can’t Be Escape

Love can't be escape

“Who ever escapes the desire to be in love?”
“Is it your glance the sprints to touch my heart”
“ I’m unable to bear Love’s botheration”
“I got crazy since have set my eyes on you”
“To demand an explanation there is no one but you”
“Will they change”
“If I speak”
“Will I get over it? “
“Will you be in love the way I am in love?”
“I am as joyous as a child on a holiday”
“Come change the loneliness of my youth”
“Forever, my dear”

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“ My existence I tend to forget”
“ You seem the world to me”
“ A drop of your love will do to quench my thirst”
“With just a hint from her eye”
“The heart becomes light, oh, my”
“With her endless love, I glide like a cloud”
“Is she a cloud that walks the earth, I look on dazed”
“ The clamour in my life,
The illusions she creates never cease”
“With jus a hint from her eyes”
“The heart becomes light, oh my”
“All I want is a hint of consent I’ll give myself to my heart content”
“I want to hold your hands forever Life’s long journey”
“Only Love brings meaning 5o Life till the very end”

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