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Love Poem

It’s Not Easy To Find Love In Life

Not Every One Find Love in life

“it’s just a few simple words”
“Why is there still rift between us?”
“I can’t say it or control it”
“Why is this helplessness?”
“You dwell in me, I dwell in you”
“ You are for me, I’m for you”
“ It’s not easy to find love”
“ Not everyone finds love in life”
“We are fortunate to experience..”

“This beautiful feelings of love”
“ Without love, life is meaningless”
“ Without a lover.. devotion is meaningless”
‘You are my happiness”

This is Love Not Duty

“ You are my love”
“When we are together every thing is okay.”
“Why pretend to be strangers?”
“You dwell in me indwell in you”
“She made me fall, you got to keep me away from her”
“Keep it down”
What are you waiting baby girl?”
“You broke my heart”
“She made me fall a move”
“You got to keep me away from her”
“You are so cute”
“You are drowning me”

“You are the perfume drizzle of sunny morning”
“You are the moon drenching my noon”
“You are the music disturbing my midnight sleep”
“My evening of necklace road, loneliness in moonlight”
“Anytime you are around me”
“ You seems as the color changing day and night”
“Falling in love you are drowning me”
You are drowning me”

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