Interesting ways to ask Guy out

Basically, it’s good to have someone you crushed on, in some countries and some areas it’s a bad idea for a lady to ask a guy out.
In the western world it’s different issues, it’s normal and the society does not frown at it.
This days we all have one or two persons we crush on though, we are sometimes afraid of taking the bold step so we allow it die in us.
Behind taking the steps there are a lot attached to it. That is the negatives thought if this man doesn’t like me, if he is in love with someone else, what if he embarrassed me.

What if he involves his friends my matter will be the talk of town within his friends.
That’s why sometimes it pays to take action before regrets, once you take action and it doesn’t come out the way you want, it gives you confidence and you won’t see such as challenge next time.

There are a lot of girls out there that really have feelings for guy, but the issues is how to approach them in other to pour what they have in mind.
Are you crushing on some one and you don’t know how to go about it this is for all the ladies that find it difficult to approach the guy of there dream, the guy they want to spend there lives with.

This is a simple step to take to ask that guy out.

Often, a lady perhaps might be crushing on a guy while the guy might never have that thinking towards such lady.
It has happened to me sometimes ago, this lady stylishly ask me out meanwhile, I was having someone am dating, but I never had any feelings towards her, it do happen so it’s vice versa.

Have seen a situation whereby a lady said to her friends he likes this though those guys were standing and discussing in campus, meanwhile while those ladies passes by those guys also said same thing. The particular lady that made the statement was the one the guy also crushed on so coincidentally, but we’re crushing on there selves unknowingly.

The second day the guy was opportune to meet the girl. So immediately the guy asked her out and the lady accepted the guy without second thought.

Now let’s move to ways, steps and strategy to ask a guy out.

Get yourself prepared

Ask yourself what is the worse thing that may happen if the guy say am not interested you shouldn’t let that weigh you, that’s why is good to prepare for the good and the worse, the best is to get yourself and move on life goes on.

Find the right place and the right time

You can give him a call when and where to meet and discuss about it, let it be a quiet place cause privacy is also necessary though you don’t need to be entirely alone.
Don’t make bid deal about things you need to say, don’t just hit the nail on the head.

Never say it directly using words like, I like you, I love you , don’t make it a big deal, instead you can make use of this I like the way you dress, the way you comments about things, do it by complementing him, he will surely understand where you are going, what you mean at that point in time.
That will also give him clue about you inviting him to a place like that.

Give him some space

It’s not every man that can cope with woman dying for him if you make things crystal clear, he will only take you for granted.
If you are on a date make it punctual and neat, dress nicely.

Exit Strategy

In case it boomerang, be aware that you need to exit the vicinity peacefully, he doesn’t have to see the disappointment in your face.
The strategy you need to do is tell him earlier on, that you don’t have much time that your sister want to see you.
Let’s keep the fire of love burning, Let’s keep talking love.

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