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I Aim My Eyes On You

I Aim My Eyes On You

“I’ll aim my eyes on you”
“ I will invent an app and using that, I’ll step into your heart map”
“ I’ll say hail to your guts and ignite hope in you”
“I’ll make you go mad saying you can’t get me whatever you do”
Is your glamour an unsolvable puzzle like the rubics cube?

“ Are you worried that are you worried that I won’t come along as your part babe? “
“You don’t show your attitude”
“ You can’t get my beauty”
“ Your thought will never be gone”
“Your thought is starting every tommorow like the day start”

13 Romantic Ways To Express Your Feelings

Where ever you are however you are will you listen to me? “
“Hey! Smile come running, like a childhood friend”
“There isn’t a place, I haven’t searched for you”
“There isn’t the light without you”
“There isn’t a day I forgot about you”
“The moment without you is hard”
“For the eyes not seeing you and my dreams filled with tears”

“I’m stepping ahead taking just your name”
“ Wherever I go”
‘You will always be in my heart”
“I hope you will absolutely! Do the same”

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