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How To Know When Relationship Is Going To An End

How to know when relationship is going to an end

How to know when Relationship is Going to an End
The only particular thing that’s constant in life is change, often we feel this change when we don’t want something or involved in a thing anymore,

Perhaps we feel a lot when dealing with people we don’t grew up with, the only thing that really makes relationship to work out is how often we communicate, without having second thoughts about our


We realized, changes occur when relationship is going to an end, there will be total change in everything, for example if partner do engages in texting, chatting, and so on once there is a limit to how partner engage, it means something is wrong and definitely, it’s a sign that relationship is about going to an end.

Perhaps relationship is about to end when your partner dictates when to call, or invite her online if they are the type that do chat. Different things will definitely come up when relationship is going to an end.

Message to newly couples

Unnecessary argument you know when you don’t like a thing anymore anything that comes through that thing will definitely irritates you enormously. So once you don’t want to relate with your partner anymore and you don’t confront him to tell him let’s call this relationship quit so he come up with excuses and argument no doubt such relationship is about to end.

Lost in communication the only thing g that keeps live going smoothly is the unlimited calls, when there is a constant break in the level of communication relationship is going to an end.

Trust when your partner fails to trust you forget start looking for someone else because, trust is the driver in relationship once this is in shambles love don’t exist anymore.

Avoidance once your partner starts avoiding you ‘hey’ you should that definitely this relationship is going to an end cause you start to wonder why is your partner avoiding you? With this lies comes in this he/she start cooking lies, so when you start noticing this you should know something is wrong, perhaps this kind of relationship can’t work anymore. Let’s keep talking love, do remember to keep the fire of love burning.

Compliant over little issues when relationship is going to an end little issues will turn into an elaborate one whereby friends and family will come in to settle disputes between partners. Which is totally wrong, when all this above Start emanating it affects feelings and the feelings start dropping once there is no connections between partners, anymore there is no solutions cause feelings and trust work hand in hands mind you if feelings is still active probably love can still work our once there is lost in these two trust and feelings there is nothing to write home about. Like I use to say let’s keep the fire of love burning.

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