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How to cope with cheating Hubby


How to cope with cheating husband
Cheating, is one of the key factors, that doesn’t make relationship last long.
Dealing with cheating hubby could be cumbersome, it’s like living with a thief, when you don’t know when is going to do away with you belongings.
Though, it’s hard to control a cheating hubby.

Sometimes he sees you as irresponsible being, when he actually knows he is the one making the relationship worse.
Nothing that you do that is good in his face, a cheating hubby sees his wife as maid. He will never read any meaning to such hubby.

Mostly, things that do make some man to cheat is when there wife is full house wife, they believe there’s nothing they could get from such woman. What they owe each other is children.
To cope with a cheating hubby is a great deal, he comes home whenever he want and goes out whenever he likes, without letting the wife knows his whereabouts.

When the wife is worried about the hubby and children’s welfare the man is only concerns, about his business and side chick.
Some men do give necessary attention to there children’s and listen to them. But there are some that doesn’t look after the welfare of there wards.

They only concentrate in there normal daily routine. There are different categories of men, some fornicate and don’t like taking alcohol, such can enjoy smoking or keeping friends. The worse part of it is when man fornicates, drink (alcohol).
Men that have these three attributes are the most irresponsible ones, because they won’t regard there wife, neighbor and even in-law. Once they are drunk you understand the type of person they are.

Often, some fornicate, because there wife are doing some certain things the dont like. The mistake they made is instead of calling such people into order. They will not, a lady got married, stylishly and through ignorant she sent her hubby away. Unknowingly this particular lady sent her husband out.

Some ladies, when they get married they believe they are married nobody is looking at them, forgetting that your hubby came to you for a particular reasons, which you might not know, later he will surely tell you the quality he sees in you.

When this lady got married she changed, her mode of dressing and this guy started loosing interest in her, this is not how I married you. This happened a friend narrated this to me so I believe I should add this to my post for the benefits of my readers.

When she changed the mode of her dressing, the man loose interest, first he started coming home late, if this lady asked her why did he come home late the next thing is slap and beating.
So, she doesn’t understand what is going on within her marriage, she was confused and told my friend, he now advise her one this is not how I knew you, your mode of dressing has changed, her response was my hubby is not complaining.

The guy told him if he didn’t complained it’s part of the reasons he never made love to you and part of the reasons he is looking out.
You chase him out the guy advise him change the way you dress. It’s not about attitude it’s about her dressing. Finally she listened to my friend and the man in question change even, chase the side chick away.

So sometimes we might be doing some things which our hubby might not like and he also will find it difficult to tell you where you are going wrong.
Some cheat not because they are determined, but due to some reasons, unsatisfied sex, some found it difficult to control there wife during this, because she feel like that’s how best she can go.

Cooking, cooking to some is part of the reason they change and cheat. People with different reasons the best is to let our wife’s known what his making the guys looking out or keeping side chick.
Some gives excuse that whenever they come back from work, there wife is never at home to give them warm welcome, instead you will find them in neighbors room watching Africa Magic, gisting and all sorts.

Once you start disrespecting your hubby, you are gradually and processing how he should go about, cheating on you, that’s the fact, once he doesn’t meet you at home when he come back from work. You are stylishly telling him, not to come home as early as possible.

That’s more reason when men believe before they go home let them visit bar to enjoy, those are the things that’s making some involve in cheating.
Being betrayed by your partner can lead to separation. In your furious state, your first instinct may be to punish your mate by trash-talking him to friends (or worse, on social media), or think about having an affair yourself to get even.

You may get a temporary sense of satisfaction from these sorts of actions, but ultimately they can work against you, keeping you in a state of anger instead of focusing on healing and moving on, alone or together.
Actually, its hurt when you see, the one you love involve in illicit act, It makes one to feel, rejected in the sense, of seeing yourself as if you are not the same being,
When the one you love, come up with a different attitude, the next line of action, is to sit him down, there are different ways, you can make him realize his new attitude, how it’s affecting you emotionally, physically, and mentally.

The one involve will continue to ask himself, is anything wrong with me.
Think before you tell your family, as well. They will likely have strong opinions about what you should do—leave or stay. But nobody else really understands what goes on in another person’s marriage. While you are pondering how you’re going to proceed, it’s best to keep the details private.

Lets keep talking love. Remember keep the fire of love burning..
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