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How Not To Fall In Love With Someone

Learning how no to fall in love takes perseverance, and persistent Knowing fully well that this man asking me out, am not meant to be in relationship with him or her or this woman whom I like am not meant to be in relationship with her.

How not to fall in love

How To Not Fall In Love With Someone
Learning how no to fall in love takes perseverance, and persistent Knowing fully well that this man asking me out, am not meant to be in relationship with him or her or this woman whom I like am not meant to be in relationship with her.

Love sometimes can overwhelm our emotions our emotions on the other hand, perhaps might work against us, people do say follow your heart follow your emotion, that’s, right but obviously, there are some relationship that could never be.

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How to avoid them, so, I will highlight some simple rule on how not to fall in love. how to avoid them is what we will look in to.

Guidelines on how not to fall in Love

For example you are falling in love with with someone, perhaps you don’t want it to come to reality, so there are different approach in other not to go into relationship you are meant to be in so there are different ways to consider not to fall in love.

For example you are loving someone which you actually, know it shouldn’t be maybe you are married or the person next to you is so you understand fully that the relationship perhaps will not get anywhere so, the next line of action is not to get attracted much to him and how not to love such person.

Learning how not to fall in love is like a sacrifice, obviously, to resist such urge is not a easy task.
Avoid the person you are attracted to
Keep your distance from that person it’s very important, while trying to not fall in love the best approach to it is keep distance away, when you don’t see such person often, it’s easy to get such person off mind and off thought.

Maintain a save distance from that person as much as possible, in a situation where by you have a friend and you are meant to fall in love. As things see to be you gradually start falling in love with him which is not suitable for both of you.

The best is stop seeing him, if you keep seeing such person you are not helping issues, avoid him.
For example if it’s a coworker the best way to avoid such person is keep distancing yourself from him.
Avoid attending meetings together if situation warrant, never sit next to him or her, avoid facial contact, obviously our heart is not stone.

Feelings is a powerful tools that’s initiate our senses.
Avoid such person in social media, like FB WhatsApp, LinkedIn Twitter, and other platforms.
By this you won’t be tempted to view her/ his profile in other not to triggered your feelings towards him or her.

There are some relationship we don’t need to venture in other first on other not to live to regret actions which are not meant to be taken. Regret comes in different from, in other not to regret actions and end it with had I know, I don’t love you, I don’t know what happen to me.

why did I get involved with you. Aside from distancing yourself in totality there are few things you can do.
Establishing clear boundary, when you realize no matter how you distance yourself from such person the feelings towards the person get worse.

Part of the boundaries you have to maintain is avoid touching, avoid hugging it’s play vital role when it comes love and relationship, it’s love signal.

Avoid sitting next to him, to avoid face contact etc as it’s hard to build solid relationship, it’s also hard work trying not fall in love with someone you should not to.
Avoiding someone you are attracted to, do not accept romantic gestures or gift from him. You are not interested you keep collecting gift from him.

It not normal, you not having anything to do with him and you keep collecting, you not interested doesn’t mean he should just backup from you. It’s not that possible, what to do not to get gift from him is not all about shunning, nor saying thank you, you can possibly say oh! I have things like this at home, that’s more polite.

You don’t have anything to do with him so never accept. In other not to get more attracted to him, close yourself emotionally from that person. List the person negative.

Close yourself off emotionally from that person

List the persons negative quality, if you did over you try to shut your heart from that person and it’s not working, try control your emotions towards him so you won’t get overwhelmed emotionally.

See the negatives aspect of him the reason you don’t want to get attracted to him. It help discouraged and disengage from being entangle to that person.
Determine why you and such person are not compatible, and also think of why you are not suitable to him.

Write why you and the person can’t flow and move together, focus more on your incompability.
It could help you to close yourself off from that person in such case it will let you see such person as a friend rather lovers or something more to it.

Focus on the friendly aspect of relationship

Concentrate on the friendly aspect, being friends still keep you together, but remember whenever you want to go think otherwise, it’s possible for you to think rather than being emotional attractive to him.

Focusing on your needs and interested

Focus your time on your needs, actually this happen to me I asked a lady out she was like I can’t date you, though I want her.
She told me she only want to concentrate, she don’t want any distraction, so this is practical so instead of getting too emotional focus on your progress and avoid talking too much about him.
You can venture in something that can be time consuming, it will take your attention and focus on that instead bod thinking unnecessarily about him.
Confinding in friends or family
You can discuss this with friends in other not to distract yourself more so she can advise you more on what to do and how to go about it.
Let’s keep talking love, do remember to keep the fire of love burning.

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