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How Love Is Been Played In The Olden Days

How Love Is Been Played In The Olden Days

To let the younger one’s have a feel of how love in the olden days is been played by our father’s back then.
In the olden days, the way relationship is handled, is different from what it seems to be this days.

I want to dwell and make a little comparison with what we see about relationships nowadays.
In the olden days, it’s not possible for a man to see a lady he likes , to declare his love, to intimately involve in a relationship it’s a lot of work and sacrifices, because women then were seen as a symbol of dignity.

There is who will call the intermediary ( Alarina). Alarina is the one who delivered messages to the husband to be.

Love really make a lot of sex back then. Now the only language to understand fully that someone love you is all about sex and how often the he spent on you.
Little or no commitment happened this days when we talk about love because only few believe love exist. They only want to feel you how long you can make love to them.

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Before you can make love in the olden days, it’s only when you have done the necessary things which is known as dowry, how many people pay dowry before you make love with her?

Symbol of dignity is you been virgin, it so sad this days we see relationship ending within couple of month. Why is it so? A lot has been happening this days base on relationship issues, and it’s something we can’t do without.

Some don’t know why they marry, some marry because there friend is now married, before getting married set your goals, have something tangible at hand.

You are not meant to be a liability you are to support your husband at all cost, but people don’t see marriage and relationship that way they only sees it as an avenue to just get hooked up and start enjoying life.

In Yoruba culture you are to respect your husband brothers but to some they sees it as what do you mean me calling a boy of 10 years (uncle) why did you marry if you can’t do that.

Respect is almost lost this days when it comes to relationship that’s the bitter truth, that’s more reason we are seeing single mothers increasing day by day.
To be frank, some guys also have there own deadly behavior which is not so nice.

Let’s go back to how out fore father’s run relationship, to my ladies out there sex shouldn’t be a tool to test If he loves you or not.
Before any one approach you, he might have seen one or two things in you that he admired, that makes him come to you to ask you out.

We are in civilized world don’t use your dignity as civilization tools or testing ground for young boys without future ambition.
Someone that has no plan for you and your future. Someone that only want to have a taste of you.

Many relationship collapse base on poor orientation about relationships, marriage and child raising.
All this should be learnt from parents is not every damn thing you can learn on Google.

Learn from your parents, ask them questions, on what you don’t understand your friends can’t answer questions cause you are of the same age.
Have visible mentors learn about sex education possibly seminars about how to run a successful marriage it’s not easy.

Relationship is about unknown individual coming to live under a particular roof.
You will only get more attached to each other once you start living with each other. That’s where the real deal starts. Let’s refine our thinking, notions about marital life.

Your hubby will frustrate you. Your mother in-law will do that what can help you is patient, understanding.
Let’s keep talking love, do remember to keep the fire of love burning.

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