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Relationship tips

Guidelines on how to choose your best mate

We have a lot of guys out there, who have been finding it difficult to choose there choice of partners.
It is not peculiar to the guys alone same also apply with the ladies, perhaps a guy perhaps, might be keeping up to four girls.

He might be having difficulties in the choice of choosing or even realizing, who the best is among them.
Before you go into new relationship the best thing to do is know yourself.
Who are you? What do you know about yourself ?
What’s Your position in the religion you practice?
If you are a Muslim, how often do you pray the five daily prayer?

If you are to choose the best choice of your partner, look in ward, look how deep the person you are to choose.
If she is more religious than the way you do.
it’s good, to choose such person, because, it is good to marry the person who is more religious incline than you,
In so doing, she will absolutely, steadfast you religiously, going for the person you can’t get any where both of you will be stagnant.

Some are of the notion that I want to meet someone like my ex, I want someone special, someone like this someone like that.
Actually, when you keep hammering on a particular choice of partner, believe me you are not going to move.
Looking, for a particular choice of partner, is like looking for a phone, with your own type of specifications.
Know yourself, know what triggered your emotions. Know what you want for yourself.

27 Tips to sustain a healthy relationship

once you know yourself there won’t be problem choosing your choice of partner.
Know yourself, know what your believes are, know what your tradition is, know what triggered your emotions.
Know what you want for yourself, in a situation whereby you don’t really understand, and know what you really want.

Dreaming of the kind of person you want to spend your life with, will be highly difficult.
Are you ready to give what you are seeking for?
If you are ready it surely, shows you want to involve in real relationship.

Get rid of negative thought

If you keep saying there is no good girls, sometimes thinking is base on one belief, if you belief things is not going to work, definitely, it won’t.
Don’t limit yourself, limiting yourself will hit you hard on getting the choice of partner.

Negative thought of can I found someone like my ex, someone that’s going to love me the way I am. Pop
Belief me if you let go of negative thought, you going to be more confidence in search of a true love.
Limiting thought often make one loose confidence, and level of dynamism, when you keep limiting yourself trust me.

It’s going to be difficult to achieve your aim in getting the type of woman/man you want.
When you are looking for real relationship, eliminate, limitation thought, once you are able to do that surely you will get it.

There are certain questions you need to ask yourself when you are ready and seriously looking for the choice of ppartner.
Ask yourself am I really ready?
The above question will only motivate in other not to make the same mistake you’ve made earlier.

Relationship is about commitment. You have to be real, work on your negative trait.
You want an honest woman, one with good integrity, are you honest, do you have such a good integrity, are you a man of honor?

All this define how committed and ready to make sacrifices you want to be in real relationship, you have to be committed and sacrifices.

What I mean by this, you have to sacrifice your time, power, energy to work things right.
Absolutely, you will find the one you believe will stay with you with to the end of time.

Do not follow trend issues

One of the basics thing about relationship is all about commitment apparently, some don’t really know what they really want in the choice of seeking a life partner.
Your friend is like I don’t like guys with big belly, and you are also following trends that, likewise me I need slim guy, with 6 pack that isn’t your choice you only feel like let me follow what’s trending.

Before thinking of going into new relationship, all this should have been answered with you.
Am I really ready for real? relationship if no, you are free to go on with your life, enjoy yourself to the fullest.
You really need to ask yourself am I ready?
Once you are able to answer that question, it won’t take you long to court and propose to the woman of your dream.

If you are not ready do not ready, don’t deceive yourself.
Its not duty of a guy to solely cater for your needs, it’s choice not responsibility.
Life is not always bird of roses, if you are really ready to be in a serious relationship the commitment should be there.

Are you what you are seeking

You are interested in a guy that’s calm, kind, tall, gentle, handsome, respectful, caring and loving, my questions is do you have all the above mentioned qualities?
It’s impossible to hid your negative, side and start looking for someone with all the above mentioned qualities.

So if you don’t have such qualities, why deceiving yourself work on your negative side.
Same also apply to the guys seeking for their choice of partner.

Make a list

Your list should be the best qualities that describes you best, highlight your negative and positive aspect of your self, make another list in the choice of choosing for the one you want to spend your life with.
With you will be able to priotize qualities your partner perhaps might posses, how you think your partner should live his/her life.

After you basically understand the fundamental, of having the type of person you want to live your life with.
So, let your prospective partner know the reason why you are the best for him or for her.

Before you dabble into any relationship, know your partner, what he do, where he stays, and some of his/her relative, actually for those that are really serious will do that in no time.
Let’s keep talking love, do remember to keep the fire of love burning.



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