For Those That Think They Can’t Love Again Read This !!!

To all the ladies out there that have been jilted and betrayed at one point in time. To all the ladies out there, someone broke your heart doesn’t mean that you can’t find love or you can’t be love all treat people as the same. If Mr. A disappointed you, it doesn’t mean that Mr B. will actually do the same.

Don’t let’s see relationship as something we don’t need to engaged in anymore. Obviously, some are out there to take advantages of what you have. The best time to get a woman is when she is lonely.
That’s the best time to take advantages of her not negatively but positively.

Make her happy that’s the number one priority, making her happy will make her forget the past gradually. Don’t give her space to reminisce on her past.

Once she start thinking of her past, she can use it against you.
Some have seen Relationship as scam when you think this way you will see everyone that come your way as trash, at that present moment you will feel insecure, feel every one are the same meanwhile we are different people with different personalities.

Simple ways to get over Heartbreaking

Don’t stay lonely when you are lonely past memories build up in your heart transfer to your brain you start thinking unctrollable. This will only make you hate people more and sees everyone as same. Actually, it’s difficult to forget about the past it’s true that we can only “forgive but not forget”.

Obviously, been betrayed of love is the most perilous thing that can happen to any one. Reality is we will always want to make everyone that comes our way feel the pains we’ve felt. And treat them the same treatment we’ve encounter.

That’s true, that’s why we need to let bygone be bygone, the best is we can’t recognized those that are serious with the unserious one.

Don’t Use Her Past Against Her
It’s very bad to use her past against her, nothing is new under the sun and in the earth, she telling you about her past is like giving u a gift, infact, respect her past and honor it, give her unconditional love.

Treat her like a new baby, she deserves to be loved, spend time with her take are on a date in other not to think of the past, it will make her feels that love still exist.

Give Chance
People will often come to you the more you chase them away, we get old everyday don’t think because you have been disappointed by different guys that should make you punish those that will come to you to say I love you! Give men chance, you can still be treated the way you like.
You are getting old
You’ve been jilted, sure! What’s the next line of action?

Remember you are getting old, there is no time get yourself, face the future you have a brighter future, don’t let some mischief ones ruin it.

Mere looking at a man, women do know the serious one, but they try to suffer those that come around , it’s good to let them suffer a little bit in other to value what they want to get.
Let’s keep the fire of love burning, let’s keep talking love.

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