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Don’t Be Afraid of Going For Single Mother’s

04/06/2020 Holler 2

Verily, it is obvious many of single parents have been neglected, today’s dude sees single mother’s as something else, we need to educate ourselves about single parenting, (mother’s). Why do women become single mothers? Some are mistakes, some are tragedies, (widow) while some are deliberates. The deliberates aspect of it is the fact that some […]

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How Covid 19 Helped in Rebuilding Relationships

04/02/2020 Holler 0

Covid 19 destroy economics but rebuild relationship. Covid 19 is a blessing in disquise, it has help in building several homes, within few days, some have realized its not a joke to take care of children’s at home. Some have been showing gratitude on Facebook, with the little time spent at home without going out, […]

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Stop Getting Embarrassed By Ladies!

03/05/2020 Holler 0

Why Do Guys Propose In Open Area ? Stop Getting Embarrassed By Ladies Why Do Guys Propose In Open Area And Get Embarrassed Why do some guys proposed and get embarrassed in public? It went viral about 2 weeks, whereby a guy tried to proposed to her girlfriend and his request was declined. It’s getting […]

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Interesting ways to ask Guy out

02/23/2020 Holler 0

Basically, it’s good to have someone you crushed on, in some countries and some areas it’s a bad idea for a lady to ask a guy out. In the western world it’s different issues, it’s normal and the society does not frown at it. This days we all have one or two persons we crush […]