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7 Deadly Reasons Why Women Want To Live Single Parenthood

There are many factors that contributes to the increase of single mother’s. Some of the causes will be highlighted below.

7 deadly reasons why women want to live single parenthood

7 Deadly Reasons that push woman to single parenting.
Obviously, it’s sad at which, the rate of single mothers increases day by day.
There are many factors that contributes to the increase of single mother’s. Some of the causes will be highlighted below.

Negative turn around of economy

Negative turn around of the economy creating instability, sometimes, when things gone wrong. We don’t expect everything to be 100% sometimes we need to study, the way things flow in our environment. I do advise people, especially women not to depend financially on there, depending solely on your partner is not advisable.

You will always be at the receiving ends. Once you got married and your partner told you not to work you can probably tell him not to turn you to liability. There is not point you not doing anything.

How To Maintain Patience In Relationship

Lack of understanding between both spouse

When spouse seems not to understand each other, this led to breakup, understanding play vital role in both relationship and marital life. We often heard that some people have been together for over 50 years. The only thing that keep there love life going smoothly is the fact there is understanding between them.

Lack of tolerance an relationship

Relationship and marriage is all about you, it’s another institution entirely, where two people from different background, with different personalities, and different entity. So to enjoy relationship and your marital life, you need to be tolerant an patient because your spouse perhaps, can come up with unfavorable idea, which you only needs to tolerate and be patient towards it.


To enjoy relationship to the fullest never be selfish. It ruin relationship fast. Never think of yourself alone think of what will benefit you and your partner. When you often act selfish, you won’t get the best out of your relationship.

Men skipping there area of responsibility

This is where the work lies, actually to run a family is not all about the money at on aspect of it. Though we all know you need the money to run family. The point am trying to point out here is about the wisdom to run family affairs.

It’s the responsibility of the man to take care of your childrens school fee. Provide cloth, food, shelter to your family. This are the primary obligatory assignments of you being father. As the head of the family you don’t expect your wife to do all this. If she does it she is only trying to assist, do not sees it as right.

Perhaps, you might not have money, there are some things you will say that will even make your partner to help you out when having financial constraints. It’s not when you don’t have the money, then, you start looking for loopholes, for your partners to misbehave in other to use that against your partner.

High libido

It’s hard to say, that some can’t satisfy there partner sexually, the issue of sexual satisfaction has peril a lot of home. This is a situation whereby, some people will left there partners unaware. So when choosing partner try to peruse your partner adequately.
The issue of sexual satisfaction has cause a lot of damages in relationship, it has led some into cheating, and involving in illicit act.

Causes of single mother as a collective problem from both sexes

Above, I highlights some of the issue that perhaps, causes rate at which single mothers increases day by day. It’s also viewed as a collective problem from both sexes, low threshold for tolerance, everyone trying to live above their standard of living. If majority of men out there understand fully that there women is there ribs there will be less divorce which often leads to single parenthood.

Another point to notice is the aspect of love and respect, some don’t just respect there husband, aside from that, they hate there mother in-law, this is the trends out there, For God sake why won’t you respect your mother in-law, and you want peace.

The love your husband deserve from you your mother in-law deserves same, so you should see your mother in-law as your biological mother. Moreover, women should respect the hubby, both should respect marriage institutions and the society should cause less problems.

Jealous: Jealousy has peril a lot of relationships, it’s good to be jealous, but it should be in a normal way not being over too zealous about been jealous.
Study shows that men are more jealous than women, but it’s different, women that are over jealous, activate it immediately, men don’t showed it immediately. Jealousy is seen as perilous element that ruin relationships easily. It’s depict in individual behaviour and character.

Domestic violence leads to early breakup and even untimely death: Domestic violence, is now rampant in the society, reasons behind the causes of domestic violence.


Absolutely, depression is more dangerous, we often heard some will parked there car and jumped into lagoon, this is not myth. It’s real depression kills faster than diseases. Some women marry for materials sake, when there partner is financially down, the love seized to exist so therefore, such relationship become history.
Actually, some men needs to be orientate, on how to deal with women, some sees women as slave once they paid there dowry.

It’s only women that has been nurture oh how to behave in husband house.
In other side some women want to be independents they want to be free from control.
It’s also seen that some want to take footsteps of there mothers. Social media also contribute to the increase rate of single mother’s. Some involved in online dating,

Effects of single parent hood in the society.

Obviously, most of the children on street today are being brought up by single parenthood. It has done whole lots of damage to the society been belong, the point is most of the thugs out there are being trained by single parents. It’s not easy to train a child being single mother or single father.

Solutions to increase rate of single mother’s

The men should be properly orientate, before getting married. The women at the other hands should learn to be submissive to there husband.
It’s good to consult counsellor in other to get adequate, knowledge on how to treat women.

Maturity really matter in other to be able to face the stress in husband house, that is from family, etc.
Men should understand, that it’s there responsibility, to take care of the home financially, the wife can only supports. Women should avoid fake friend’s.

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