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5 Signs She Is Not Good For You

5 Signs She Is Not Good For You

Signs to take note of, if your partner ( girlfriend) isn’t the best for you. It’s quite disheartening, to invest, time, energy, effort into a particular thing hoping, it will yield right.

Building up hopes that she is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, at the end things fall apart.

It hurts, and heart disheartening wishing for a thing to end up well and later lead to sour ending, especially when it com relationship issues.

When She Doesn’t Reason With You

Your partner should try and understand every bit of you. Your feelings emotions, should be her utmost priority, if she doesn’t sees this in you, or not take you serious definitely, she is not good for you.
In every relationship your partners should be there for you, especially when you are in dilemma.

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She is Secretive

When you are in a relationship and you belief you guys are perfect being. There shouldn’t be anything like secrets.
Been too secretive, destroy relationships, a relationship that’s not in a pure and transparent, will definitely have problem.

Being too “secretive” brings doubts in relationship Insecurity, dishonesty, infidelity on relationship.

She Is Self Centre

She only think about her self, even when you are thinking about the development and growth of how the relationship should go.
Anything that’s not about her perhaps won’t bother her. She is not bothered about you she only think about herself something that will favour her.

She Is Jealous

Jealous is good in some way but every has limitations, unnecessary jealous is bad. It ruin relationships.

She Always Wants To Be With You

Actually, it’s good not to be loose but too much clingy is bad when she feels like she can’t literally do anything without you it’s bad, she always want to know every bit about you that’s more reasons she doesn’t want to live you. In the real sense, she is too secretive, because she is hidden so she wouldn’t want to let you hide anything from her.

This could cause a problem at the end, so therefore such ladies is not the right one for you. Keep talking love, do remember to keep the fire of love burning.

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