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4 Signs You Are Dealing With Controlling Boyfriend

In relationship, we have two types of men protective or controlling boyfriend boyfriend. Some guys believe once there partner don’t call them often or check on them it seems that they don’t love them. On the other hand some ladies also have the notion that once there boyfriend doesn’t show up or call to know what’s going on with them it shows they don’t love and have value for them.

4 signs you are dealing with a controlling boyfriend

In relationship, we have two types of men protective or controlling boyfriend. Some guys believe once there partner don’t call them often or check on them it seems that they don’t love them. On the other hand some ladies also have the notion that once there boyfriend doesn’t show up or call to know what’s going on with them it shows they don’t love and have value for them.

While it’s not like that in most cases, when dealing with people you should understand, we have different personalities, and we are differ in behaviour and attitude.
It’s not possible to understand one fully in a month weeks and year. It’s possible to understand human being, because human are dynamic in nature. So to run a perfect relationship understanding really matters.

There is no perfect human being once you understand this ideology, it won’t be difficult for you to associate with people, the best is you should know yourself, understand yourself, know what you are capable of doing, and to cap it all love yourself.
Some ladies believe you are jealous when you probably check on them regularly, they are of believe that when you restrict them of associating with males and females friend, with an excuse that friends may influence her and teach her bad things, some ladies detest such guys.

Signs you are dating a controlling boyfriend

There are often different signs your partner exhibit perhaps, you don’t know the type of person you are dealing with that such person is a controlling boyfriend.
Let’s look at the signs of a controlling boyfriend apparently some people might not know or noticed.
Actually, you may be thinking your boyfriend loves you very much, perhaps he might loves you and at the same time controlling you.
Categorically we have two types of controlling boyfriend, the caring sensitive controlling boyfriend who controls you emotionally and the violent physically abusive boyfriend.

Decision Making

When you are in a relationship, whereby you can’t take or make a decision on your own apparently you are dealing with a controlling boyfriend.
Talking so much about your partner career, pointing out mistakes at work and at home could be so dangerous and when you are so obsessed about the choice of your partner it might not end well.

Sensitive controlling boyfriend will always want you to act on there wish, but perhaps if raised his hands up to beat you, he will never do that because he is so sensitive that if anything could happen he will bear the responsibility, such person will never want to see you cry.
But to violent physically controlling boyfriend once you act against there wish that’s a war once such person raised his hands upon you forget it you going to get the beaten of your life.

Violent physically abusive controlling boyfriend will make you compromise to whatever decision he makes. Don’t be surprised if he asked you to kneel down.
Another beautiful fact about such persons is that they might love you a lot. Just the urge and the type of person they are…most of them don’t really have wife at home, due to the fact that they only think of dominating.

Some might wonder if such people exist I bet they do, I have seen a situation whereby a man asked his wife to kneel down.
The emotionally controlling boyfriend will never dominate over but will still look for a way to restrict you from some things. Sometimes it hard to know you are dating emotionally controlling boyfriend somehow he perhaps, might be controlling you indirectly but it will never occur to you that way, until it’s too late before you could realized you are dating emotionally controlling boyfriend.

Turn Down

When dealing with a controlling boyfriend, he turns you down when u did stuff that you really need to get appreciated with, when you are to get some word of encouragement, like wow! Oh my world! You’ve done great job.
They believe once he didn’t put you through he turn it down. Without word of encouragement. Instead he perhaps will abuse you. Is that how you should go about it, he does things in other to let you know, you can’t do things on your own.
Sometimes he disregard and disrespect things you do. He make things like you need him around to be better a person, paraventure there is high possibility of loosing confidence in yourself because.

Once you embark on anything you would feel like, hope he will appreciate it, will he accept it or rubbish it. Actually, it’s pretty good and normal to ask for permission before you do anything, but controlling boyfriend will surely take it as priority.
Another problem controlling boyfriend have is you need approval, guidance, before you can embark or do something meaningful which is very bad.

For example you settling nepa bill and later on you tell him that you’ve settle nepa bill you will hear something like ohh! Why did you do that? I have something to discuss with that nepa guy.
Most of the time we see women clamouring for equality in marriage it due to some issues like this. Though it impossible to get such liberation.

Actually, nobody is perfect, your man, your boyfriend your parent are not perfect. In other to have a successful relationship you only need to understand the type of person you are dealing with. The controlling boyfriend don’t likes you going out with friends. He let you know that you don’t have to mingle with friends, they are bad influences.
He might be thinking your make friends are crushing on you and might even be going out with you. Insecurity might come in.

If you are the type dealing with a controlling yourself possibly you might loose friends.
If you believe you can’t do without friends, the best is you need to back out from such relationship. Definitely you will see someone that will accept you for who you are.
Basically, under normal circumstances, mo man will want his wife to have numerous friends.
No men will want to let his wife have unnecessary friends, reason being that they are kind of bad influences.

Too much of everything is bad that’s the more reason one should know him/herself if one understand himself fully and if she is not the types that do get carried away with cheap things those are the type of person that doesn’t need to have much friends.
If give the advantages of giving you free hand to move with friends, you should be conscious of friend.

When he want to know everything about you

There are some things ladies don’t need to disclose to his boyfriend, there is the for everything. You can’t start dating a lady and within two weeks you want her to download every bit action of her life to know. It’s not done that way, everything has process. So when you come across a controlling boyfriend don’t be surprised. If he asked you much questions and dictating to you. She might have secrets so the secret is not your business for now. There is time for everything, so never rush.

Wrong Timing

Rushing to know stuff about your girlfriend is not good, there is time for everything, when you do things at the wrong time, you perhaps might not get the positive results you are expecting.
Things you might be thinking is secret might not be so. She has her own decision to take about when to tell you and when not. So doing things at the wrong time time might disrupt relationship.

Wrong timing ruin marriage as well as relationship so, if you insist of getting particular fact about her, you can place her on whining through that you can still get the kind of information you want to get but don’t rush.
Accept truth rather than clamouring for lies.
Controlling boyfriend will want you to know every details about your movement, he will even ask you for video call in other to verify where you are.
Video call is cool in distance relationship, not when you guys are in the same area, where you have access to each other.

The truth is you can’t place a watch on anybody, trust is just the key but in the case of controlling boyfriend he will never believe you are alone when you are not around him, they are always jealous.
Another disadvantage of controlling boyfriend is he will want to have fun together with you, once he heard you went out to have fun his mind will change and start thinking something else.

For example he might come up with some excuse, you went out to have fun, while am here moody, thinking not happy, you could possibly leave me all alone to enjoy yourself.
That’s simple way to identify controlling boyfriend, let’s keep talking love. Do remember to keep the fire of love burning.

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