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4 Effective Ways To Satisfy Your Partner

4 Effective waus to satisfy your oarrner

It’s been argued severally, that is difficult to satisfy woman sexually. Sex is something that should be enjoy by both genders, sometimes, woman fake orgasm in other to deceive there partner that they have climax. Basically, this post is only for matured mind and to enlighten my readers on how to make woman reach orgasm without faking it.

So it’s for married couples, on how to enjoy there sexual life. This post is not in any other to promote illicit act among the young ones who has not attain the age of 18.
Many of my readers have messaged me on how to satisfy there partner. So I decided by coming up with this in other to satisfy my readers I appreciate you all.

Let’s move on by defining what sex is and what orgasm is. I will go by asking this question.
Do woman really fake orgasm? I guess this is a big question the fact is yes! some do while some don’t. Can a man satisfy woman sexually and make her attain climax? Yes its possible.

And who enjoy sex the most? This is absolutely, a big question but it’s simple both gender, enjoy sex. I will highlights this in the next page.

Now let’s analyze how to make love with your partner, making love to your partner should be something of memories and emotion. Even when you are not around he will always want you besides her.

Always put this in mind, anytime you want to make love with your wife foreplay should take place first.

Role of Foreplay Before Sex

Foreplay plays a vital role In sex, your wife is not an animal ( with due respect because that’s there own ways of life). Let foreplay take place before the real game.

Foreplay is very simple, is like you preparing for a competition, a game. Kiss her, play with her nipples, to prepare her in line of the next action that’s about taking place, after the kissing and playing with her sensitive part of the body, open her underwear, play with her vagina.

Finger her look for her clitoris, this will make her scream, fingering the clitoris can possibly make her cum if she is the type that’s not use to sex. If she doesn’t cum she will invite your dick in her pussy.

For her to have you and in other to replace the fingering with the real thing. Now that you have gain access into the arena, never rush to thrust, I understand it’s going to be like you should rush it, never rush it, do it gently let her feel real D.

Do it slowly with this it’s possible she cum and she can allow you to also reach climax in other to satisfy you too. The fact, is for you to really enjoy sex is wen you cum that’s the time you really enjoy and crown your hard work.

For the newly couple’s please it’s not advisable for you to start your sex life with watching porn in other to satisfy your partner, or taking man power to boost yourself sexually.

In the real sex if you practice the above way of sexually life you can possibly make your partner climax . Try new style each time you are about to make love with your partner. Woman please tell your partner your hit point if actually your partner thrust in a particular place and you live the way he jack it tell him to continue it.

Or if he contact you in a particular area let him know in other to target! that very place and hit it, it’s you both that’s going to enjoy it.

How to put your woman in the mood

There are different ways in which you can call her to attention, it’s simple by relating her head in your laps, and start playing with the boobs. You can simply tell her to get you something in your room by so doing, since you have mission to carry out let it be something she can’t see quickly.

Sometimes you might actually want to make love with your wife, she might not really want it that particular moments,. What do you do to make her get in to the mood, there are a lot of ways you can invite your wife for sex.

Thanks for reading this actually, I have a particular stuff to take in other to improve your sexual life without adverse effects. We will update this soon. Thanks for reading
Let’s keep talking love, don’t forget to keep the fire of love burning.
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