4 Basic things woman will not condone in man for the sake of love

In my recent post I discuss what man may not likely condone in woman today, I want to discuss what a sane lady will never condone in man for the sake of love. We all know ladies mind are flexible in nature, and it’s know joke that guys do jealous than ladies. I will highlights few things ladies will never condone in man for the sake of love.

Been Unfaithful

Once you’ve started been unfaithful to your girl there is a problem cause definitely, she will start loosing interest in you. Once a lady start loosing interest in you there is come a problem cause I don’t think anybody can talk to her to change her mind.


When you keep lying this will make a lady to start turning you down no matter how dare you are to her. No matter how you lied, if dealing with intelligent lady she will tells you that you are deceiving her.

Caring vs Romantic

once you lack this, there is probability that a lady perhaps, will not stay long with you which ladies will not condone in man once you ain’t caring.


This is the greatest mistake man should not try to display in her presence, even if you are caught up in this act, no woman pray to share her guy with anyone. Perilous act perhaps, might come up if she found out.

Big dick

it’s likely some ladies might not have the might to withstand this kind of thing so it’s might make woman to run away from such man.
Trust: Once you’ve been trusted by your girl no matter what they say that will make her doubt you, ladies like it when you trust them and straight forward. You are good to go.

So with this few points mentioned above, let’s endeavor to work on this. With this you should be able to know if your girl will still move on with you or condone you for the sake of love.
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