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3 Most Common Issues Affecting Marriage Leading To Early Break Up

3 most common issue leading to Early break up marriage

Relationship seems not to last longer as expected due to attitude, portray by lovers.

In the 21st century, era many jump into relationship base on one or two reasons, basically relationship is for those that are ready to take consequences of what ever happen to them.
Relationship today is what we will see a girl of 15yrs having series of boyfriends, though like how I do say everything is base on the environment we found ourselves.

In relationships environment has its own effects. If a 15 year old girl is ready to marry at that age it’s fine and good some will dispute it and am not blaming any one.
There are some basic needs girls ought to learn from parent, many relationship this days is all about sex and nothing more. We have many unserious boys and girls and mostly girls this days only fall in love with boys that are in town, it’s rare you see a lady that will date a guy that’s still looking up to God.
A lot are contributing into this peer influences, parents, Environments, etc.

Due to experience and what is happening in the society. Why lady do breakup with there guy is one monetary factor.

This play a lot of role in relationships. And some guys are so crazy that they will treat a lady like queen during courtships immediately, the lady got home the problem began.
Lets look at common factors the leads to early breakup in relationships and marriage

Lies and Deceit

Any relationship that falls in this category, it’s likely such relationship might not last, there are some ladies out there once you started cooking lies for them you become there Alpha and Omega this type of people will never appreciate it when you tell them truth once they realized you lied to them they may breakup with you because they won’t be able to cope with you once it could establish it that you have been lying to them.
There are some that don’t only want you to tell them true nothing but the truth.

Reasons Why Women Like To Live Single Parenthood

Dating the wrong Girl

There are some girls that don’t really want to have anything to do with you in as much as they want to have you ‘gush’ they can do anything to get you that’s the logic behind this type of girls.

There is a particular program I do listen to this guy said he really want to make this particular lady his wife once they made love this lady move she never pick his call. It could be funny to the extent that this lady might give birth and still move with the baby there was a case whereby this lady gave birth after 2 years she went back to the ex.

I was shocked why can’t you forget your ex and move on with your life. It was so crazy. Let me share a story, this happened to me recently actually haven’t known this girl over a year we do greet but we don’t relate as such, though I met her in a particular scheme, I noticed she don’t use to come and sometimes ago we chat on fb she sent her number we both hooked up on WhatsApp I hi ha she responded.
When I noticed she didn’t present I called her, she told me the reason I didn’t see her.

Well to cut the long story short she asked me out, I was surprised I thought it was a dream I told a friend of mine he was surprised that that particular lady could asked me out a lot happened along the line wish I won’t share here, we started we talk and in noticed during the day she don’t have time for me but we don’t at length at night I wasn’t comfortable with that I told her I don’t like night call as much, she didn’t listened to me.

When it’s exactly a month I told her it’s a month there is no progress in our relationship and I don’t want to disappointed her simply because she asked me out and I commended her for the bold step she took.
Though I later noticed she only want to use me to catch fun when it’s exactly a month I called and text her I can’t cope anymore this is not how a good relationship should be.

I learn new things from her . There are different ways we can get to the wrong of wrong girl we only need to becareful with the choice of partner we choose.
Pregnancy leading to forceful marriage it’s so funny this days you see some ladies after there child birth they start acting up vice versa.

in this type of relationship the only thing that bring them together is only sex aspect of it, they only want to have fun and leave like what I do tell those people around me never taste what you don’t like, that’s the simple truth but due to the sexual urge aspect of it you will see a guy going for the wrong gal. In this type of situation don’t expect such relationship to last.

The only they owe there self is the baby cause no family that will want to take care of someone else responsibility some might be lucky in which the family may help in taking care of such child.

Street life Street life is really affecting relationship actually marriage life surpass street life once you are married you don’t need to still live as bachelor you have family that are looking up to you the moment you wed, you become a role model, people sees you as a responsible being.

They believe you are more and more responsible, reasonable. Once you are married you have been categorized as someone that can contribute to some issue that are germane in the community.

Character According to a Yoruba Artist he once said if a woman is beautiful and has no character he can’t marry such woman as a wife even if she worth millions of Naira, but if he sees a woman who is not beautiful and has no character he can spent millions on such woman, character depicts human behaviours.
It is very important to have good character and behaviour and how to respond to people.

Character has sent a lot of women out of there matrimonial home to enjoy your in-laws build new and work on your character.


Never place your career over your family, your family are your first responsibility have seen a situation whereby most of the people prefer there choice of career job over family this isn’t fair enough.

If your job ends today you can only get back to your family. Same thing apply to some men that don’t like there woman to work, it’s not easy we all know but it’s good for the wife to work in other to support the family too and also she also can be productive.

Friends Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are, if am to talk about this base on experience I will have to write long epistle base on friends at one point in the we’ve all come across that very friend that wish us well and at the same time we have also come accross that friend that are there to hinder your success. Friends are deadly. We all need to beware of friends.

Choice of woman God has been so wonderful he permit us to choose the type of woman to marry. Marriage is not garbage in garbage out it’s a life contract so you have the right to choose the best.

Actually we can’t come across a lady that we can satisfy 100 percent but there is a way we can shape them though we can’t be 100 percent complete with time you can try to understand each other, in every relationship understanding really matters a lot. Keep talking love, do remember to keep the fire of love burning.

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