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3 Facts To Consider Entering Into New Relationship

Fact to consider entering relationship

The best thing that could happen to man is getting the dream job, and getting the woman of choice.f
We’ve all dreamt of it at some point or another. Meeting that perfect person and falling in-love then spending the rest of your lives together happily ever after.í

“Ok” you can wake up and found that particular person you’ve been searching for. Meeting that person, starting with that person is a new thing entirely, it’s a new thing entirely in the sense that you are meeting someone you want to spend the whole of your life with. It means it will be involve a lot of process let’s look at factors to consider entering new relationship.

There are different factors that need to be considered, when ent Iering new

Finding new partner is a whole lot of joy what are the factors needed to be considered, for example you have familiarized with your ex with a whole lot of things, what you will be feeling is like you shaping, moulding her to the way you deal with your ex , it’s wrong it’s quite understanding that you want to be with someone that will quickly understand you, but it’s impossible you need to study your partner first, and never compare your ex with your new partner.


Loversreally need this cause motivation play an outstanding role in relationships. When you feeled love by someone that really gives one joy and unending happiness, when you are emotionally down once you remember that there is someone out there that wouldn’t want to see you in such situation joy happiness will flow into your heart and that’s the best thing that could happen to anyone.

Guide on how to choose your best mate

Give yourself space giving the one you love space will make you look special whenever he sets his eyes on you but once you found yourself too attached to him problem will occur due to the fact that he will need some privacy for God sake, you just meeting him it’s true I know how it feels meeting that person you’ve been dreaming of.

Try to know what he likes most what he do at his leisure period, if it’s football, video game, cooking, reading, try to know find out as it is important.
Talk about dream job and planning towards the future once you try to establish this kind of talk with your new found love he will know you are really serious.


Attention play a big role in the life of a lover once you can dedicate your time your attention to your love you will always feel exceptional and
Understanding once there is know understanding in a relationship its likely such relationship never last.


Submissive makes lovers to appreciate each other being submissive is not being a fool or idiots cause it aid relationship a lot I will treat this soon in my other post.
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Attention We all know what it means to give attention, attention you might not be a billionaire, but once you give your partner the most attention needed you are on top of the world.

Out of no time kindly find time, you don’t need to spend the whole 24hrs with your partner, forget if your partner needs you and you ain’t available, once he/she come across someone that will give him/her the time, don’t be surprised if she doesn’t pick your call anymore cause ladies need that attention which is part of what make love wax.

Keep talking love, do remember to keep the fire of love buring.

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