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10 Tips For A Successful First Date

10 Tips For A Successful First Date

Tips For A Successful Date

Meeting the girl of choice is wonderful, scheduling a date is like resuming in an office job for the first time, the excitement, is like have made it!.
Here’s some tips for going on a first date to help you make sure you are taking your relationship where you want it to go.

Take her somewhere you visit often

You will give yourself a lot of credibility and value of you take her to a place where everyone knows you. Stop chat with the staff there. Learn their names and make sure they know yours.

It only says good things about you. If you don’t have a place like this yet, make one it’s not necessarily, a bar it can be eatery, guest house and so on.

Take her to an interesting restaurant

It’s a lot more fun to go eat some type of authentic ethnic food than just going to a more common restaurant.
You don’t want it to be so interesting that there’s always something crazy going on and you can’t talk to her. Make sure it is a little different.

Guidelines on How to choose Your best Mate


The more you relax and show that you are comfortable, the more your date will relax. If you feel like you are getting nervous or tense, just take a deep breath, relax your shoulder muscles and smile. Just focus on having a good time.

Get rid of your expectations

So many guys that I meet wrap expectations around everything they do. Thinking buying stuffs will make her yours automatically, she’s going to be my girlfriend or wife.

Spending time together acting like you are around someone you already know and show that you wouldn’t careless if anything happens between the two of you,
You will have much better chance of progressing things than if you act like she’s the first girl you’ve seen in twenty years, acting really nervous and so dumb that she runs away.

Don’t talk about normal boring topics or guy topics
If you want to be like every other boring guy out there, talk about what job she has, where she has gone to or college she attended.

Talk about topics she has interest in like sports, weight lifting and so on. Also don’t cling to a topic like it’s the only thing you can talk about. If a conversation dies, let it go.
Bring out story when running out of things to say
When the conversation stops, just say, “Anyway”. And go into a story or ask about what she want future to look like.

The story doesn’t have to be something too amazing, just a little bit different.
Tell a story about a date that you went on where your date did something humorous or embarrassing.
Women love to talk about relationships and I’ve found that they are the easiest to come up with.

If you’re having problems, just grab a girly magazine and read it for 15 minutes. You should find more than enough things to talk about in there.
Know little things about a lot of things
You can ask me about almost anything and I probably know enough about it to talk for at least 5 minutes.

The more you know about, the easier it will be to hold conversations on just about any topic.
If your date wants to talk listen to her
People like to talk and get feeling that what they have to say is important. This doesn’t mean that you should ask her endless questions trying to get her to talk. If she’s not talking, feel free to. But, don’t interrupt her if she is.

Don’t try to impress your date

One of the worst thing a guy can do is talk about how much money he has, what kind of car he drives or anything else that comes across as trying hard to impress.

If you do have a cool house or car, let her find when she sees. You’re much better off by just being a relaxed, fun, cool guy than you are trying to impress her.

Have a plan

You should have it planned you should also be flexible.
If something comes up that could be a lot of fun, don’t be so rigid that you can’t change plans. Your plan should be more of a guideline so that you always have something to do. Let’s Keep the fire of love burning, Keep talking love.

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