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10 Simple Ways To Have A successful Marriage Follow This Simple Rule!

Everyone dreams in life is to be successful in life. To cap it all the only thing that bring more happiness and joy is to have a successful marriage.

Ways to have a successful marriage

Ways Of Having A Successful Marriage Follow This Simple Rule!
Everyone dreams in life is to be successful in life. To cap it all the only thing that bring more happiness and joy is to have a successful marriage.
It is the dream of Everyone to marry not just marry but have a successful marriage.
Marriage is a life contract, the joy of everyone is to have someone that’s ready to be with for the rest of his life, once there is a mistakes things will never work out the way it should be.
The best in life is before getting married to that person try to understand the person you are dealing with.

Marriage is not about being wise or being intelligent, it’s how one can cope significantly, human are differ in nature, the way we reason, behavior are significantly different from the way we see.So, for one to get married, it’s good to marry one’s friend, one we can tolerate, so marriage is a life long contract.

Things to do to have a successful marriage


Woman are full of frustration, the level at which one can tolerate that frustration is wisdom, for example you are thinking of how to pay your children school fees, and your wife walk up to you darling, hope you did not forget about my friend’s party I told you about the “Aso Ebi” is just N5000.
In other to calm the situation at ground your response should “okay” no problem. You can go out and come back. If she is a good woman she would have thought about it, this man that I told about Aso Ebi that didn’t say anything hope no problem.
And we have not pay our children fee.

As soon as the man return home he will call to have a word, before I went out you talked about Aso Ebi it’s not a bad idea, do you think that’s the best now because you know we have not pay for our children school fees, if she is a good woman she won’t get upset. Her response will be let’s settle our children school fees.

That is wisdom, assuming you decided to start shouting I have not settled the children’s fee you are here telling me about Aso Ebi, don’t you have cloth? Sometimes woman are desperate to the extent that they will test you with everything in other to know your real weakness.
In everything in life we need to apply wisdom to almost everything we do. Another beautiful thing about wisdom is let your partner understand your past pray about it and never use her past over against her. Having a successful marriage it’s good for both couples to engage in prayer.

Go to a marriage seminar together to invest in the success of your marriage once a year

Attending marriage seminar is awesome, marriage seminar boost morality, confidence in one, through seminar one we have change of heart, mind towards marriage, seeing people giving testimonial on how they run there marriage relationship over years.
Seminars aid the level of reasoning, experience etc in marriage.

Read books on marriage to increase your wisdom and understanding of growing a successful marriage

Reading books would guide one more on how to handle marriage relationship, not only books holy books for more inspiration and good guidance.
Seeking counselors opinions.
Obviously, people prefer to go to pastors and Alfa for marriage counseling. In some parts of the world counselor are more effective. Which so ever way it’s good to listen to the word of God, about how marriage should be run.

Plan a date night once a week

Only few, do this once they are married, they believe they don’t need to go on a date, though it good to go on a date with ones hubby, at least once. Some don’t joke with this during courtship. Once they are married it’s cancelled it shouldn’t be so, it awaken long time feeling’s and so on.

Husband needs to pray for vison, wisdom and the development of family

It’s very important to pray for one’s family in other to prosper, and the good will to drive the family to promise land.
Wives need to support her husband, morally, spiritually, physically
Behind every successful man there is a woman, woman needs to support there man in all aspects, in the act of being supportive, things will move smoothly as if it’s ready made.
Visit each others family

Some people lack this m, they find it difficult visiting relatives, which is not good, some don’t even like seeing there husband family, move closer to you husband relatives, they have been together before they meet you so it’s impossible to separate family’s instead move closer and have good rapport with this you will have everlasting affair with there uncle or brother.

Always advise your husband to save

Advising, hubby financially, is good, he will always pray for you and support you anytime any day, it shows you have good plan towards him.
Give your spouse high priority over anything on Earth even the children’s
Some day your children will leave you, and go there different ways, the only means to communicate is on phone and social media, your hubby should be place above anything, because you are meant to be together and forever.

Go on a mini vacation get away from crowd (sometimes weekend)

To be honest, some don’t do this, after honeymoon there is nothing like this. While being alone boost love intimacy between spouse without any distraction.

Husbands do some housework and also cook once in a while

Sincerely, all women live it when there hubby visit them in the kitchen, it’s makes them come alive, happy and fun-filled partnering with them in the kitchen. Even if you don’t know how to cook just go there talk to her gist don’t let her feel bore or bad cooking what you going to enjoy together.Don’t just sit in the dining or sitting room waiting for the food, you can even serve her, always surprise her.

Every women love surprises

Try surprise her once in a week or months she will always have you in mind. It’s fact she will always be happy with you, and always surprise you too.
Surprise in marriage make it fun, because it will be difficult to let gets you out of her mind.
Wives get your hair done and get a new outfit just for your husband and tell him he is the special occasion treat him like a king.

Look nice always, in his presence, he will never taste you for anything, get new dresses, let him understand that you only get this for him, he will appreciate you and admire you always.

Visit cinema or sport arena

No doubt, some women loves sport while some loves movie and mostly men loves sport, so it pretty cool you visit cinema or stadium to race or watch football.
Come up with a business idea together and plan it out and start it together.

Never underestimate the power of women, they are good planner, if she is the time that love to invest in business work with her with her business idea and plan probably help her in executing it at the long run you might finally end up being the CEO of the company.
All this could be achieve with hardwork, mutual agreement perseverance, understanding, submission, above all love.
Let’s keep talking, do remember to keep the fire of love burning.

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